Out of comfort zone


out of comfort zone1Yes, you are comfortable with what you already have, using your skills and tools. But you can’t stop here. Who not growing – dies.
So, we’re reaching a new horizon, new wants, and new goals. And it’ s healthy.
Following our passion, but reaching further, extending our potentials, extrapolate the known methods for an unknown situation by assuming that it will work. We might feel uncomfortable at first, then after receiving amazing result – we feel better!

Like in art, we become the creators of new beautiful energy. But our ego trying to stop, to block this alogical behavior. What blocks you? What old beliefs hold you in ‘secure, safe, comfort’ state?
Maybe, it’s emotional attachment to any words you hear?
Decide, which words to pay attention, which emotions yours and which – you assigned from others. Build your boundaries, find out what supports you and what to release.
It’s easy to say, I know. How about – to use the intuition, the peaceful sensation in your stomach, the catalyst for change.
For example, if you are a pro in any area, working 1 on 1, expand your radius by sharing the knowledge with more people., – teach the group. They will be motivated to revaluate their reality, beliefs, and get inspired too to come up of the comfort zone.

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Inspirational Tarot. Plot spread #4


mosaic of intention

takes time to contemplate



*Note: Haiku inspired by Tarot cards: 4 of swords, 4 of pentacles, 8 of pentacle. The plot: start, turning point, end.

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Inspirational Tarot. Plot spread #3



The top of mountain

empowered the king

with endless vigor

pentacle would hide

the feminine insight


*Note: #5line Gogyoshi built based on 3 Tarot cards: Queen of pentacles, King of swords, Strength. Plot: start, turning point, end.

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Inspirational Tarot. Plot spread #2


The story of 9 swords

Nightmare returned

completed cycle


From disarray to free

Such moving heals

The power in your hands


The one among the stars

The water flowing in

Your life is flourishing…


*Note: the poem completed out of  3 haiku, based on Tarot cards: 9 of swords, 6 of swords, Star. The plot: Start, Turning point, End.

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Inspirational Tarot. Plot spread

Start                                        Turning point                                    End

The trophy, magic cup

He sold it just for penny

When found Love



*Note: Pulling randomly Tarot cards, you get ideas about each card. Create haiku.

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Telling story. Creative Tarot

The Emperor10 of pentacles3 of pentaclesThe HermitThe Magician7 of cups






It happened during E. being at dean position in local university………


He worked hard delivering very comprehensive curriculum to the art students………..


At Art Gallery inside the University………………………


… when a stranger, called H., a new teacher asked about roof for his new project….


He was totally new to this place, the methods, and perspective. Everyone in a team had the interview with him and didn’t share with others what happened inside the room. Here were the rumors that he is Magician…………………..


That morning, after New Year eve, E. come later as the family at home required his attention…. When he entered the gallery, all students working with H. were standing in front of beautiful golden chalices. Nobody noticed E. Everyone was interacting with some special stuff inside these magic bowls, glowing and reflecting in the mirror of the newly created ceiling… ~ E, – he heard the voice sounding like from heaven, – your present – here….. The End.

Keep open door

to new discoveries of

hidden treasures

*Note: Reading Tarot cards professionally require to be able to connect the cards by telling the narrative. This is a creative method to get inspired, motivated to write your own poem, haibun or prose.


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When blindfold fell…

When we’re living unconsciously….it’s seems at first even better…walking in the ‘loops’….repeating what other saying or doing. No responsibilities. No worries really. If something went wrong – blame others:  “they told me”, if struggling with work – “everyone does”.  And it goes on and on. –  Doing what you love? -“Delusional! It won’t bring the money!”

 But at some moment it’s become ‘painful’ – do not have any pain, it’s become hard to leave with no responsibilities, with no risks, without a new ideas; so we’re stepping beyond our comfort zone not just because of curiosity…

 One day you notice, that you live unconsciously, that you suppressing your feelings and emotions…The awakening, an intention to change, meets a new problems…

Before, when wanted to be a nice to people, you always showed support, even if you were not agree with their decision.

As you look at this case now, being conscious, you see that this approach will take you nowhere. Recognize, ask yourself: will it serve the goal ‘to improve your life’ – hiding your real feelings? No. It will block it, stop the flow of energy. Say “NO” to being people-pleaser.

 Some maybe ask if by saying NO, we become more isolated from people. But, it’s opposite. By letting to know Universe who you really are, you will attract the energy of the same, new people,  – you start to move faster, manifest faster.

 Saying NO – first step.  Now you want to act toward your new goal.

What is your purpose? What is your calling? Set your new goals with Tarot Guidance at holistickeys.com/tarot 

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