Structured day


‘To-do’ list helps?

 How often the day becomes a hectic one with all those “must do” errands. Someone can say: having written ‘to-do’ list helps.

Never forgotten any articles. Stick on fridge.

Right. I do too.  But sometimes, following the list we’re getting bored,

tired, feel resistance…


Your biorhythms

 The key – to know your biorhythms. If say, you know that 3 pm – you likely would take a nap, don’t plan to check your expenses.

Instead, prepare some mechanical task as sorting, cleaning, watering flowers, laundry, or just take a nap!

After that, refreshed you could do some brain work.



3 ideas to complete day tasks

 There are couple ideas to make your ‘to-do’ list completed:

–  turn the list upside-down , or do it in back order;

–  important task – first;

– using egg timer to get started.



Time matters

 What if we try to stay with each step just for a while and then switch to another step. For instance, the computer time could be divided into 4 sessions through the day. Project researching, creating new – when high energy;  social connections online during the lunch time; checking emails – when tired; watching movies/listening music – at the end of the day.

Doing each step at fixed time helps to escape boredom.




 Check your bio-level for particular day, observe your ups and downs. If you feel tired – switch/take a nap.

The result – refreshing brain every time you start a new activity, because the “rest – it’s not doing nothing, but changing what you do.”

 Structured day idea might work not only for weekend or for self- employers, but helps organize more efficient schedule for corporative workers, including a nap.


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