Out of comfort zone


out of comfort zone1Yes, you are comfortable with what you already have, using your skills and tools. But you can’t stop here. Who not growing – dies.
So, we’re reaching a new horizon, new wants, and new goals. And it’ s healthy.
Following our passion, but reaching further, extending our potentials, extrapolate the known methods for an unknown situation by assuming that it will work. We might feel uncomfortable at first, then after receiving amazing result – we feel better!

Like in art, we become the creators of new beautiful energy. But our ego trying to stop, to block this alogical behavior. What blocks you? What old beliefs hold you in ‘secure, safe, comfort’ state?
Maybe, it’s emotional attachment to any words you hear?
Decide, which words to pay attention, which emotions yours and which – you assigned from others. Build your boundaries, find out what supports you and what to release.
It’s easy to say, I know. How about – to use the intuition, the peaceful sensation in your stomach, the catalyst for change.
For example, if you are a pro in any area, working 1 on 1, expand your radius by sharing the knowledge with more people., – teach the group. They will be motivated to revaluate their reality, beliefs, and get inspired too to come up of the comfort zone.

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