When blindfold fell…

When we’re living unconsciously….it’s seems at first even better…walking in the ‘loops’….repeating what other saying or doing. No responsibilities. No worries really. If something went wrong – blame others:  “they told me”, if struggling with work – “everyone does”.  And it goes on and on. –  Doing what you love? -“Delusional! It won’t bring the money!”

 But at some moment it’s become ‘painful’ – do not have any pain, it’s become hard to leave with no responsibilities, with no risks, without a new ideas; so we’re stepping beyond our comfort zone not just because of curiosity…

 One day you notice, that you live unconsciously, that you suppressing your feelings and emotions…The awakening, an intention to change, meets a new problems…

Before, when wanted to be a nice to people, you always showed support, even if you were not agree with their decision.

As you look at this case now, being conscious, you see that this approach will take you nowhere. Recognize, ask yourself: will it serve the goal ‘to improve your life’ – hiding your real feelings? No. It will block it, stop the flow of energy. Say “NO” to being people-pleaser.

 Some maybe ask if by saying NO, we become more isolated from people. But, it’s opposite. By letting to know Universe who you really are, you will attract the energy of the same, new people,  – you start to move faster, manifest faster.

 Saying NO – first step.  Now you want to act toward your new goal.

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