Dreams become life…


Evil Sun

He said: this winter sun – with teeth… Who wants to be bitten…We wear glasses just to forget them in the big tall building sinking in twilight – I’m looking for mine… trying on so different sizes and styles. Instead – find shoes on the high hills and move on. 

лёд тронулся, господа присяжные заседатели!

Ostap Bender

The Truth should be visible with closed eyes…Allow yourself not to know what tomorrow brings, allow the heart be your guide. No control. He calls: about the couple of ways.  None now. Where did they go? Promised to ask her. Thanks for that.  Thaw. Ice got moved. 

But which way to go if someone “Jack of all trades” – wearing  couple hats? On first look tell-me-07396_2ofCoins_diff– indecisiveness, but then – synthesized new idea,- outcome.  “You’re the artist”,- kids would say seeing me in the beret… That is how I’ve learned about my potential…

Symbols talk. Follow them. Name yourself the artist. And all will believe you.  The confidence – a key. How confidently you’re playing your current role, and all believe it. After all, why do you need an approval? To allow doing what you like to do? To make people play your game? But then, when they want to know rules, don’t get surprised, especially – don’t panic – be happy: they willing to play with you!


Biting archives

Doesn’t it remind you something? Yep! We all from childhood. Children. And if one of them bites you, it means – they curious about life, they don’t believe an eye. They want to taste it…     And you’re saying: the Sun has teeth…           

Experiment life                                                         Change glasses often                                                       As well as hats & shoes too.                                            

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13 Responses to Dreams become life…

  1. claudia says:

    tasting life – ha – i like this… and being who we are – living our dreams – no matter what others think about it… sounds good

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  2. I wish more people realized that children are only experiencing life when they bite. I like the image of the sun full of life and experience. Thanks for your visit today 🙂

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  3. billgncs says:

    change glasses often, I like that – a new look, a new style 🙂

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  4. Oh yes..that changing of style.. I like the thought of the sun biting.. made me smile..

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  5. Abhra says:

    Beautiful – my daughter is just 2 and every day watching her grow a tiny bit is so much fun. You made me smile too.

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  6. Mary says:

    Yes, symbols talk; and we do need to find a way to follow them!

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  7. This wisdom is so beautiful.. there is nothing i can add to it.. but applause..:)

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  8. Grace says:

    I like the different style, written in haibun, smiles ~ Love that sun with a teeth and always experiment and spice things up ~ Happy weekend ~

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  9. most definitely… you gotta change your perspective, open your mind and live; beyond fear is life…

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  10. kanzensakura says:

    Taste life, change glasses often….I really like that. Challenge the old and test the new.

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  11. dani says:

    this is wonderful! a great way to view life.

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  12. thefeatheredsleep says:

    I absolutely loved this


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