Structured day


‘To-do’ list helps?

 How often the day becomes a hectic one with all those “must do” errands. Someone can say: having written ‘to-do’ list helps.

Never forgotten any articles. Stick on fridge.

Right. I do too.  But sometimes, following the list we’re getting bored,

tired, feel resistance…


Your biorhythms

 The key – to know your biorhythms. If say, you know that 3 pm – you likely would take a nap, don’t plan to check your expenses.

Instead, prepare some mechanical task as sorting, cleaning, watering flowers, laundry, or just take a nap!

After that, refreshed you could do some brain work.



3 ideas to complete day tasks

 There are couple ideas to make your ‘to-do’ list completed:

–  turn the list upside-down , or do it in back order;

–  important task – first;

– using egg timer to get started.



Time matters

 What if we try to stay with each step just for a while and then switch to another step. For instance, the computer time could be divided into 4 sessions through the day. Project researching, creating new – when high energy;  social connections online during the lunch time; checking emails – when tired; watching movies/listening music – at the end of the day.

Doing each step at fixed time helps to escape boredom.




 Check your bio-level for particular day, observe your ups and downs. If you feel tired – switch/take a nap.

The result – refreshing brain every time you start a new activity, because the “rest – it’s not doing nothing, but changing what you do.”

 Structured day idea might work not only for weekend or for self- employers, but helps organize more efficient schedule for corporative workers, including a nap.


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Dreams become life…


Evil Sun

He said: this winter sun – with teeth… Who wants to be bitten…We wear glasses just to forget them in the big tall building sinking in twilight – I’m looking for mine… trying on so different sizes and styles. Instead – find shoes on the high hills and move on. 

лёд тронулся, господа присяжные заседатели!

Ostap Bender

The Truth should be visible with closed eyes…Allow yourself not to know what tomorrow brings, allow the heart be your guide. No control. He calls: about the couple of ways.  None now. Where did they go? Promised to ask her. Thanks for that.  Thaw. Ice got moved. 

But which way to go if someone “Jack of all trades” – wearing  couple hats? On first look tell-me-07396_2ofCoins_diff– indecisiveness, but then – synthesized new idea,- outcome.  “You’re the artist”,- kids would say seeing me in the beret… That is how I’ve learned about my potential…

Symbols talk. Follow them. Name yourself the artist. And all will believe you.  The confidence – a key. How confidently you’re playing your current role, and all believe it. After all, why do you need an approval? To allow doing what you like to do? To make people play your game? But then, when they want to know rules, don’t get surprised, especially – don’t panic – be happy: they willing to play with you!


Biting archives

Doesn’t it remind you something? Yep! We all from childhood. Children. And if one of them bites you, it means – they curious about life, they don’t believe an eye. They want to taste it…     And you’re saying: the Sun has teeth…           

Experiment life                                                         Change glasses often                                                       As well as hats & shoes too.                                            

Read more at: d’Verse OLN              Continue reading

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World Teachers’ Day or Infinity of Time

“In many countries, Teachers’ Days are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers; World Teachers’ Day is celebrated across the world on October 5. Ever since the importance of teachers has been recognized by UNESCO, by adopting the “Recommendation concerning the status of teachers”, World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated annually.[1] This includes celebrations to honor the teachers for their special contribution in a particular field area or the community in general.” /Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia/

Word Teacher's Day


I think all teachers are relatives. No matter where they’re located. Loving, funny, encouraging, giving sometimes undeserved “bonuses”, uplifting our spirits, transmitting their high vibrations to their students. Let’s celebrate  the Family of Teachers!  Drumbeat.  Music. Let me start from…

Anecdote #1

The son comes home. Complaining to his mother: Son: Mom, I am not going to go to school again. Mother: Why?  Son: Children make fun of me. Mother: First of all, you are grown up already. And Second, you are the Director.

Anecdote #2

Head teacher: “Are you in the top half of your class?” Little Johnny:”No, I’m one of the students who make the top half possible!”

School Curiosities

School Curiosities

School years are the best time of our life. Time of important revelations and fun time too.Memory persistently return  some silly and shameful moments, which I would prefer to forget…Ready? Just releasing some stories. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Apple Story


There was  the incident in our school. The Director was entering the school door, and   the remaining of apple  hit her in the head.  Everything ended up peacefully, we had classmates being   team players.

Angry teacher

No-No-No !

Suffering from being invisible (or what?), it was  such release to write for one pupil  her first name with the chalk in capital letters on the wall of the class. The result – the anger of the teacher and bad score in the score-book.

The next story about the teacher, but please, don’t judge, it was the influence of time.. We were not permitted to  wear the rings, earrings and make-up, even in last 2 years in the school. The jewelry were taking away from intruders; girls were sending to wash up their faces clearly.  The director had the collection of jewelry, which she proudly demonstrated to the parents during the school meetings.

School Curiosities

Cut it off!

One more story from the same series. Junior year of school. Short dresses were in the style.  Our director have decided to check the appropriate length of girl’s uniform. Having a Big scissors in her hands and wearing smile-killer, she collected the girls in one of the classrooms and closed the door. Yes, many dresses were increased in length. I was celebrating the short  wisdom of my dress, nothing was touched. The
last year in the school the fashion have changed to long-long
dresses, so there were nothing to worry about.
 School Curiosities
Meeting with First Teacher

First Teacher
First Teacher

I remember the day when we with 10 pupils classmates came to visit  our First teacher, at her home. The nice wall clock was  bought and given to Zinaida Vladimirovna. She seemed to be happy and grateful. We spent time drinking the tea with sweets and talking , refreshing the memory of our young years. Just at the end of meeting, walking  through another room on our way to the exit door, we’ve noticed that  the whole wall in that room was filled with wall clocks! The teacher smiled:  “Time goes by…, – and then she added, – but there is no time limit

No Time Limit

There is No Time Limit

Today, rewinding my memory, I thought about the movie I recently watched
“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, directed by David Fincher. The main character in some miracle way was born old, ~ 80, and we look at Love, Friendship, Truth from
perspective of Time by the eyes of this man, who getting younger with every day…

When life with his wife and baby daughter became a pain, because of his decreasing years, he is leaving, but keep writing about his feeling in the Diary, intending for later reading by his daughter.

And she is reading later:

For what it’s worth, it’s never too late, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. And I hope you make the best of it.I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. And if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength – to start all over again.”

This words belong to the pen of the American writer Scott Fitzgerald. The movie was based on his short novel.

I feel these words could be the words every teacher would put the signature under.These words express the wishes to ALL of us, because we are all on the same way of leaning how to live our life with purpose.

We are filled with love and gratefulness for Teachers in our life, who’ve   tought us how to learn.

Mistakes are only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and experimentation.
The “failed” expreriments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately “works”. ~ Swami Rama

Our memory keeps the retrospective tape of time of our life.  And Wheel of Time keeps our Energy, our Intentions ,and transmit it in the Energy and Intentions of our children, our next generation.

Images credits:,, webweaver clipart collection

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How to grow authority

Self-love – Self-esteem – Confidence

“I stare at myself in
the mirror and I think, ‘Wow, I’m really great-looking.’…
I think I’m the
greatest, anyway. ”
Iggy Pop

How to Grow Authority

I am Success!

To form the character, to be a mindful person, to be social, to have healthy relationships, to be a leader, to have followers, to have the positive influence on people, – the one has to possess the healthy social authority.

It might starts from the reflection in the mirror…

1. In the morning, before looking in the mirror say magical Affirmation: I am beautiful. Better every day. Full of Energy. – Pronounce any other positive   Affirmations.

2. Cultivate your uniqueness.
“Don’t go trying some new fashion, don’t change the color of your hair”. Remember, that your friends love you “Just the way you are”.

3. Don’t let people step in your space, be present and show in the moment your “boundaries”, be transparent.

4. Learn how to make people listen to you. The situation when the friend come for 1 day and keep staying for longer could be the example.

– Repeat statement, starting with “I feel… I think…I said…” You can even create your favorite quote like “I am who I am and have the right to be who I am” ( or your quota). People around you get used to your quote, and eventually, start to respect your personality.

– Explain why he/she needs to leave. Reasons: your space, your habits, your life.

– Offer advice, other people might help to find a solution for the situation.

– Use conditional statements. Say: “If you don’t leave at …..(particular date)”- name the consequences. Make the eye contact with the person.

– Second and last chance. Repeat the condition, involve other authority, manager, friends, family, …police.

5. Be persistent in your words and actions. Do what you say, and say what you mean.

These steps are working with children as well as with adults.

When you keep unique style, show everyone your opinion, the attitude, real “you”, show your principles with confidence – people start to respect you, they will know what to expect from you, and will less likely trying to destroy your boundaries and stump on your territory. You’ll get authority.

How to make people listen to you? How to grow confidence and know your boundaries? What is your uniqueness? How to leverage it for successful leadership? – grow your authority with ‘Authority’ Tarot spread at

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3 Revelations about Reiki

1.Sense of Touch

pick up sticks

Game "Pick up sticks"

Do you like to play? I do! My “inner child” is jumping and clapping when hears about game time. All my key jobs have always been with kids. If preschoolers age  child ever asked how old I am, I was replying: 5 or 6 years old. Playing game– is relaxing, easy, “have fun and learn” time.

This is why I am looking at the game as pedagogical tool. Let me introduce myself: I am piano teacher. With my beginners students we play along with the  other activities the game “Pick up sticks”.

The goal of the game “Pick up sticks” –  to remove accurately plastic (or wooden) sticks one by one  from the pile  without moving any other sticks.

It helps the student to relax the wrist, to get the feeling of “light hand”.

This is what you need when you are playing piano – light touch. Gently touching keys, improving technique.

Now, when Reiki Technique have been discovered by me, working as Reiki practitioner, I always think about this light touch. When starting the session, Reiki ethic required to ask the patient: touch or no touch session. Most people answer: touch, please.

Yes, we are human being, we love touch. Some people are very lonely, and when they get this revelation of Reiki, they are crying sometimes, longing for and refreshing the forgotten sense of Touch, releasing emotional blockages.


I am able to give and to receive love” – these are the words of the Affirmationand  are  our Intention. Because you can not help but working Reiki Energy with Love, channeling High Frequency Vibrations which are not less than Love. For the time of session we have client’s Power in our hands, client’s Trust. How important to handle this Trust Gently, with Grace!

Don’t want to compare, but the Image goes faster than thought..well. We give our clothes to dry clean from time to time. During the Reiki session, we are receiving client’s “inner clothes” for energy cleaning, and by ordered time, supposed to return it to their owner renewed, cleaned, lightened, balanced.

We carry Responsibilities for Safety of this “inner clothes”, for the oneness of the body, mind and spirit of the client.


Reiki Shares…Intention…Novelty of first touch…Angel connection…Gentle green eye of arc. Raphail…White guarded light of arc. Michael… Unexpected tickling  on the side of my nose (aka: have fun, do Reiki with ease and grace)…Warm hands…or cold sometimes ( wow: it’s hot outside)…Tingling, pain, burning,- different sensations from getting to know new energy field…, and “Reiki smile” after session from your client,- the best reward.

What you will take with you today?, – answers: Love, Connection, Happiness, Gratitude, Joy and Grace…

I was thinking about Tenderness of Reiki….

We accept Trust and Responsibilities because we feel Love.

Love fills us with Tenderness while we’re doing Reiki. We feel as light workers, serving the world.

Just for today

I’ll fill with gratitude,

I’ll do my work honestly,

I’ll be count my mini blessings,

I’ll be kind to every living being.


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Wisdom of Freedom or Two Truths

“We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.” ~ Whoopi Goldberg
Little jump by butteredsconi flickr

image credit

We do not choose where to be born, but later life let us to have the choice, free will. The child tests the world by touching things, trying  our “boundaries”, claiming the independence, raising the voice.

In the group setting, in school the child learn to share with others. I love this game of passing the glove and wearing it by turn in the group of  kids.-The way of learning to care about people.

In the school, in classroom or gym schoolmates have Free Choice, when
they play favorite games, doing favorite activities. But the teacher is
staying in the room, observing children.

By the moment people enter adult relationships, they supposedly have already
learned to play safe with one another. There are no immediate supervision.
It is their Choice to direct things, makes them happen or not.

What if people don’t know how to handle the freedom? If they accustomed to
have someone who makes the decision for them, those who have the
Power over them.

In the film-parable “Kill the Dragon” (1988) directed by Mark Zakharov  Knight Errant Lancelot defies the Dragon – the embodiment of tyranny, despotism and reaction, to put an end to his power over people.

But for this victory the courage of one man is not enough: each of the characters in the film-parable must be freed from inner slavery … And it’s true: after the victory of Lancelot’s residents, without waiting for the new ruler of strict orders, they go into anarchy and rampant – and a readiness to bow to the new Dragon …

the Dragon”(1988) – a film-parable director Mark Zakharov. Based on
the play by Yevgeny Schwartz, “Dragon.”(1943) Joint production of
the  former USSRWest Germany. /

Burned by the flame

Have your senses taken leave?

Into the fire of true belief

It’s  the orgy of the free”

So, Freedom without the structure – dangerous?!

Two Truths about Freedom

 “Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.” ~ National Youth Alliance,1969

For people had the history of slivery and pressure, the Truth will be in
increasing self- esteem, more look back on yourself, care about yourself,
kill the slavery inside, i.e. Freedom to release the slavary, release from inner preason.

In society where everything revolve around the person, the royality is developed. Their Freedom will be  the choice to listen to
others, accept others, realizing that the key to restoring separation,
loneliness – empathy.

American Constitution is about justice and liberty for All. Justice had to do with moral sensitivity and that which gives rise to empathy, compassion and a sense of fairness.

Freedom from self-love

 When we talk about relationships the Freedom of one might be looks like violation of the personal space for another.

In the relationships the partners exchange their understanding of “being
yourself” and expressing to improve the union, learn to care.

Human-free theme –  main theme of the entire composition, but in the legend
of Danko it takes unexpected angle. Writer Maksim Gorky for the notion of
freedom” linked to the notion of “truth” and “feat”.

The author raises a legend and subject of the ungrateful crowd capricious, because the people who got into very dense darkness of the forest and swamp wetlands, attacked Danko (the guide)  with reproaches and threats. Called him “worthless and harmful man,” decided to kill him.

However, the young man forgave people of their anger and unjust accusations. He pulled out his chest a heart that burned with a bright flame of love for the same people, and lit their way: “It (the heart) was burning as brightly as the sun, brighter than the sun, and the whole forest was silent, lit a torch that great love for people … “

Danko Act may be called a feat for a feat for Gorky’s – is the highest
degree of freedom from self-love
. The hero dies, but the spark of his warm heart and now light the way to truth and goodness.

Empathy in group

 Being empathic to other people feelings are very important key in the group
setting. The company with most people being empathic always more likely win any competition, and attract abandonce of success.

 The article “How The Best Bosses Develop Empathy for Customer Needs:
Statistics Aren’t Enough” by Robert I. Sutton
  says that best bosses go to great lengths to develop empathy for both the people they lead and the customers served by their teams and organizations.

Last thought. About Universe. You already know what Universe says:

“They enjoy Freedom. Let’s give them more.”

What is your Truth about Freedom?

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Are you ready to enter 4- dimensional world?

Boulevard of broken dreams

Primorskiy Boulevard - Odessa, Ukraine

Life– the run of Past, Present , Future. When the person is dying – the entire life does flash before eyes for seconds. Are  all of these last pictures the memory of happy events?

I walk along the street of sorrow, The boulevard of broken dreams…”

 During the life along with happy memories we collect unpleasant, sad and painful memories of something that happened to us.

Not being released they create blockages in our bodies. The Past is affecting our Present and Future, manifest the disease.

 It’s hard to start something new, something positive if you have the baggage of bad experience,not proceeded emotions and feelings.

 “The joy that you find here you borrow, You cannot keep it long it seems…”

Now, in Present time, while we going through shifting to light, we must to say ”good bye” to these old wounds, to let it go, to forgive in order to clear, to make a space for new things, positive, inspiring, helping us to move forward.

 We are moving to four–dimensional era, where the Time will be the 4th parameter of our life. It means we will be able to see the events of Past, Present and Future simultaneously, at the same time.

 Just think what does it mean to us…wow!

 Imagine the datum line, with * Past * Present * Future, and all this will be in the same place, at the same *point. You don’t need any prediction, you know the result  before you start any project.

– You know what happens next, and how it ends up.

–  No absolute Truth, it will be probably adjusting by itself just by
the forms of relationships and their content.

 (I don’t think there will be a chaos. According to LOA the good
thoughts will be producing the good things. And nobody likes to see
itself in the movie with the bad end.

I like the idea of sending harmonies thoughts to those who are

 So, the imbalanced idea will be stopped at the very beginning..?!

Dreamer by Dale Wicks

Dreamer by Dale Wicks

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I am not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one.

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