How to grow authority

Self-love – Self-esteem – Confidence

“I stare at myself in
the mirror and I think, ‘Wow, I’m really great-looking.’…
I think I’m the
greatest, anyway. ”
Iggy Pop

How to Grow Authority

I am Success!

To form the character, to be a mindful person, to be social, to have healthy relationships, to be a leader, to have followers, to have the positive influence on people, – the one has to possess the healthy social authority.

It might starts from the reflection in the mirror…

1. In the morning, before looking in the mirror say magical Affirmation: I am beautiful. Better every day. Full of Energy. – Pronounce any other positive   Affirmations.

2. Cultivate your uniqueness.
“Don’t go trying some new fashion, don’t change the color of your hair”. Remember, that your friends love you “Just the way you are”.

3. Don’t let people step in your space, be present and show in the moment your “boundaries”, be transparent.

4. Learn how to make people listen to you. The situation when the friend come for 1 day and keep staying for longer could be the example.

– Repeat statement, starting with “I feel… I think…I said…” You can even create your favorite quote like “I am who I am and have the right to be who I am” ( or your quota). People around you get used to your quote, and eventually, start to respect your personality.

– Explain why he/she needs to leave. Reasons: your space, your habits, your life.

– Offer advice, other people might help to find a solution for the situation.

– Use conditional statements. Say: “If you don’t leave at …..(particular date)”- name the consequences. Make the eye contact with the person.

– Second and last chance. Repeat the condition, involve other authority, manager, friends, family, …police.

5. Be persistent in your words and actions. Do what you say, and say what you mean.

These steps are working with children as well as with adults.

When you keep unique style, show everyone your opinion, the attitude, real “you”, show your principles with confidence – people start to respect you, they will know what to expect from you, and will less likely trying to destroy your boundaries and stump on your territory. You’ll get authority.

How to make people listen to you? How to grow confidence and know your boundaries? What is your uniqueness? How to leverage it for successful leadership? – grow your authority with ‘Authority’ Tarot spread at

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