3 Revelations about Reiki

1.Sense of Touch

pick up sticks

Game "Pick up sticks"

Do you like to play? I do! My “inner child” is jumping and clapping when hears about game time. All my key jobs have always been with kids. If preschoolers age  child ever asked how old I am, I was replying: 5 or 6 years old. Playing game– is relaxing, easy, “have fun and learn” time.

This is why I am looking at the game as pedagogical tool. Let me introduce myself: I am piano teacher. With my beginners students we play along with the  other activities the game “Pick up sticks”.

The goal of the game “Pick up sticks” –  to remove accurately plastic (or wooden) sticks one by one  from the pile  without moving any other sticks.

It helps the student to relax the wrist, to get the feeling of “light hand”.

This is what you need when you are playing piano – light touch. Gently touching keys, improving technique.

Now, when Reiki Technique have been discovered by me, working as Reiki practitioner, I always think about this light touch. When starting the session, Reiki ethic required to ask the patient: touch or no touch session. Most people answer: touch, please.

Yes, we are human being, we love touch. Some people are very lonely, and when they get this revelation of Reiki, they are crying sometimes, longing for and refreshing the forgotten sense of Touch, releasing emotional blockages.


I am able to give and to receive love” – these are the words of the Affirmationand  are  our Intention. Because you can not help but working Reiki Energy with Love, channeling High Frequency Vibrations which are not less than Love. For the time of session we have client’s Power in our hands, client’s Trust. How important to handle this Trust Gently, with Grace!

Don’t want to compare, but the Image goes faster than thought..well. We give our clothes to dry clean from time to time. During the Reiki session, we are receiving client’s “inner clothes” for energy cleaning, and by ordered time, supposed to return it to their owner renewed, cleaned, lightened, balanced.

We carry Responsibilities for Safety of this “inner clothes”, for the oneness of the body, mind and spirit of the client.


Reiki Shares…Intention…Novelty of first touch…Angel connection…Gentle green eye of arc. Raphail…White guarded light of arc. Michael… Unexpected tickling  on the side of my nose (aka: have fun, do Reiki with ease and grace)…Warm hands…or cold sometimes ( wow: it’s hot outside)…Tingling, pain, burning,- different sensations from getting to know new energy field…, and “Reiki smile” after session from your client,- the best reward.

What you will take with you today?, – answers: Love, Connection, Happiness, Gratitude, Joy and Grace…

I was thinking about Tenderness of Reiki….

We accept Trust and Responsibilities because we feel Love.

Love fills us with Tenderness while we’re doing Reiki. We feel as light workers, serving the world.

Just for today

I’ll fill with gratitude,

I’ll do my work honestly,

I’ll be count my mini blessings,

I’ll be kind to every living being.


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