Wisdom of Freedom or Two Truths

“We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.” ~ Whoopi Goldberg
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We do not choose where to be born, but later life let us to have the choice, free will. The child tests the world by touching things, trying  our “boundaries”, claiming the independence, raising the voice.

In the group setting, in school the child learn to share with others. I love this game of passing the glove and wearing it by turn in the group of  kids.-The way of learning to care about people.

In the school, in classroom or gym schoolmates have Free Choice, when
they play favorite games, doing favorite activities. But the teacher is
staying in the room, observing children.

By the moment people enter adult relationships, they supposedly have already
learned to play safe with one another. There are no immediate supervision.
It is their Choice to direct things, makes them happen or not.

What if people don’t know how to handle the freedom? If they accustomed to
have someone who makes the decision for them, those who have the
Power over them.

In the film-parable “Kill the Dragon” (1988) directed by Mark Zakharov  Knight Errant Lancelot defies the Dragon – the embodiment of tyranny, despotism and reaction, to put an end to his power over people.

But for this victory the courage of one man is not enough: each of the characters in the film-parable must be freed from inner slavery … And it’s true: after the victory of Lancelot’s residents, without waiting for the new ruler of strict orders, they go into anarchy and rampant – and a readiness to bow to the new Dragon …

the Dragon”(1988) – a film-parable director Mark Zakharov. Based on
the play by Yevgeny Schwartz, “Dragon.”(1943) Joint production of
the  former USSRWest Germany. /

Burned by the flame

Have your senses taken leave?

Into the fire of true belief

It’s  the orgy of the free”

So, Freedom without the structure – dangerous?!

Two Truths about Freedom

 “Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.” ~ National Youth Alliance,1969

For people had the history of slivery and pressure, the Truth will be in
increasing self- esteem, more look back on yourself, care about yourself,
kill the slavery inside, i.e. Freedom to release the slavary, release from inner preason.

In society where everything revolve around the person, the royality is developed. Their Freedom will be  the choice to listen to
others, accept others, realizing that the key to restoring separation,
loneliness – empathy.

American Constitution is about justice and liberty for All. Justice had to do with moral sensitivity and that which gives rise to empathy, compassion and a sense of fairness.

Freedom from self-love

 When we talk about relationships the Freedom of one might be looks like violation of the personal space for another.

In the relationships the partners exchange their understanding of “being
yourself” and expressing to improve the union, learn to care.

Human-free theme –  main theme of the entire composition, but in the legend
of Danko it takes unexpected angle. Writer Maksim Gorky for the notion of
freedom” linked to the notion of “truth” and “feat”.

The author raises a legend and subject of the ungrateful crowd capricious, because the people who got into very dense darkness of the forest and swamp wetlands, attacked Danko (the guide)  with reproaches and threats. Called him “worthless and harmful man,” decided to kill him.

However, the young man forgave people of their anger and unjust accusations. He pulled out his chest a heart that burned with a bright flame of love for the same people, and lit their way: “It (the heart) was burning as brightly as the sun, brighter than the sun, and the whole forest was silent, lit a torch that great love for people … “

Danko Act may be called a feat for a feat for Gorky’s – is the highest
degree of freedom from self-love
. The hero dies, but the spark of his warm heart and now light the way to truth and goodness.

Empathy in group

 Being empathic to other people feelings are very important key in the group
setting. The company with most people being empathic always more likely win any competition, and attract abandonce of success.

 The article “How The Best Bosses Develop Empathy for Customer Needs:
Statistics Aren’t Enough” by Robert I. Sutton
  says that best bosses go to great lengths to develop empathy for both the people they lead and the customers served by their teams and organizations.

Last thought. About Universe. You already know what Universe says:

“They enjoy Freedom. Let’s give them more.”

What is your Truth about Freedom?

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