Are you ready to enter 4- dimensional world?

Boulevard of broken dreams

Primorskiy Boulevard - Odessa, Ukraine

Life– the run of Past, Present , Future. When the person is dying – the entire life does flash before eyes for seconds. Are  all of these last pictures the memory of happy events?

I walk along the street of sorrow, The boulevard of broken dreams…”

 During the life along with happy memories we collect unpleasant, sad and painful memories of something that happened to us.

Not being released they create blockages in our bodies. The Past is affecting our Present and Future, manifest the disease.

 It’s hard to start something new, something positive if you have the baggage of bad experience,not proceeded emotions and feelings.

 “The joy that you find here you borrow, You cannot keep it long it seems…”

Now, in Present time, while we going through shifting to light, we must to say ”good bye” to these old wounds, to let it go, to forgive in order to clear, to make a space for new things, positive, inspiring, helping us to move forward.

 We are moving to four–dimensional era, where the Time will be the 4th parameter of our life. It means we will be able to see the events of Past, Present and Future simultaneously, at the same time.

 Just think what does it mean to us…wow!

 Imagine the datum line, with * Past * Present * Future, and all this will be in the same place, at the same *point. You don’t need any prediction, you know the result  before you start any project.

– You know what happens next, and how it ends up.

–  No absolute Truth, it will be probably adjusting by itself just by
the forms of relationships and their content.

 (I don’t think there will be a chaos. According to LOA the good
thoughts will be producing the good things. And nobody likes to see
itself in the movie with the bad end.

I like the idea of sending harmonies thoughts to those who are

 So, the imbalanced idea will be stopped at the very beginning..?!

Dreamer by Dale Wicks

Dreamer by Dale Wicks

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I am not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one.

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