777 or 5 lessons from Flat Tire

777 or 5 lessons from flat tire
You PUSH too hard on the pedal!

I’ve read a couple of blogs about synchronicity lately. Specially – about repeated numbers. It’s a good sign to see them!  My advice: play “Phase 10” and you’ll get all  kinds of repeated numbers. (Funny?) And I did play this game with my niece just next day after I got a FLAT TIRE.

You are always have problems with your tires, – commented friend on FB. .Think what does it mean for you, – suggested the friend and spiritual coach. And I started to THINK about FLAT TIRE. What the tire’s trying to tell me?


1.Who or what is “putting spokes in the wheel”? (Russian idiom meaning
to bother in the business). Hmm…Seems the Universe is trying to

2. I am hosting the imagine forum with the tire.

The tire’s complaining: You PUSH hard on the pedal. This is bad driving
habit. Fast turns, fast starts and fast stops, – all cause more tire
wear, as does speeding, which heats the rubber and causes faster

3.The card game “Phase 10” is blinking mysteriously: You got  set of 777 and

I’ve checked in popular web site
about meaning.  777 – You are trying too hard to CONTROL
things in your life., and 2222 – TRUTH. What to say? -Hah.

The same day I just got to LA Fitness Club, and energetic words stumped me as I climbed the Stare Master . “ Shake, wind, and roll -Lets Lose
CONTROL”,- required singer Keri Hilson.

 4.O yeah, at my imagine forum there was another character, my favorite Longman Dictionary of American English. Waving friendly with his shabby
cover,he reported:

Transmission – the part of a vehicle that uses the POWER
from engine to turn the wheels. POWER from engine. So, I am
trying to take engine POWER away? LOL. But it looks like
that…wow…Sorry, engine. My apology, transmission.  I appreciate
your work, bow you with big gratitude!

Transmission, – continued Dictionary, – the process of sending or
passing something from one place, person etc. to another.

We are always in transmission, from home to school, from school to work, from one life – to better one… At the beginning of life parents own our
POWER. They forget sometimes to return this POWER to their children, leaving them just responsibilities for studying.

Parents observe life through near-sided glasses, they don’t see future adult
in their child. Grown up child then automatically is trying to take
somebody else  POWER! (Horror! Am I right?) But parents are always
the behavior model for their children on conscious and subconscious
level. So…tell me if I am not right.

At the same time, from other side – if you used to give your POWER to
somebody else, – to parents, to other people, managers, directors,
then where is the time for your LIFE, for you using your POWER?

5.Despite the replacement, tire get nailed from time to time. You can not
protect the person from LIFE, one has to make his/her own mistakes.

Walk to meet the Life openly, facing the choices and learning to RIDE the WAVE.

I just made the choice of not giving away my POWER, and not taking  POWER from my car. 🙂 (still sounds funny?)

So what the 5 lessons I have learned from my flat tire? I’ve  summarized below:

777 or 5 lessons from Flat Tire

Transmission- the part of a vehicle that uses the POWER...

1.Slow down, take time to be present.
2.Don’t push hard, be gentle with people.
3.Lose control for things.
4.Do not give your Power neither take someone else Power.
5.Live means learning to ride the waves.

If my story resonates with you, please, leave your comment. And also, share how symbolica helps you in everyday life. Thanks for reading! 

driving to you!

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6 Responses to 777 or 5 lessons from Flat Tire

  1. Afra says:

    I Just got a flat tire this week, a nail right in there! And your summary resonates.. I do need to take it easy and learn to let go. Though already working in setting my own boundaries..

    Thank you, much love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ninochka says:

    Mannnn, I’ve had four nails in each of my tires. I’m into symbolism so I had to look it up. This has helped me more than you know and is extremely accurate. I’ve been pushing so hard and trying to take and correct my power that things have gone awry. Thank you so much for this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lauren says:

    Sitting on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck…instantly, I heard the message of the Holy Spirit say SLOW DOWN.

    Thanks for the article! Cheers


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