Keywords or How to find the way Home

 All this year from time to time I was retrieving the memory about the movie “Beautiful mind”.The main character had special abilities to see key figures.

The same way I see the words, or it just seems to me that I see the keywords?

But I had the Intention this year to trust my Intuition, trust myself. And these words are for my growth, my self development.

These keywords remind me the tail “Tom Thumb” by Charles Perrault , where the boy was dropping the little rocks to find the path back home.

Next time the character used bread crumbs, but unfortunately when time came to use them, he found out that pieces were eaten by birds…

 What if the keywords I find are wrong? Or someone is playing big joke with me?

How to make sure that Truth we find – our Truth, or may be in present time of shifting this Truth is Truth only for one breath? Next moment it is something else..

Then how to find the way to Home?

“Learn how to ride the wave”, – suggest wise coach. Be flexible, change maneuver, – once said my gramma.

 How to know that the person you trust in – is the “key” person? For how long? For 1 breath? Next moment – it is a wrong person!? What do you think?…It’s a wrong smile…?



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