Steps of Self Growth. Step 1. Alert! Negative Thoughts!

Some people tend to be not confident in anything: in other people, and in yourself in first turn. Such people look back, in the past.
In the past they have the pictures of their errors, failures, not successful relationships. Its might be useful(to look back) with purpose of learning the lesson in order don’t repeat it again in present time and don’t create unwilling future.

And if the lesson have not been learned – its like new errors collection of negative experience continues. The thought about fatal bad luck in present time and ever takes roots in their conscience. Again this person looks in past which feed even more their absence of confidence.

This “enchanted circle” can exist for year or all life.
Here are the absence of FAITH in yourself, inactivity (or repeated errors), unsatisfied thoughts ,words and talks; negative vision of everything, anger, worry, jealousy,- terrible things!

Could such person enjoy his/her life, be happy? Poor existence.

Simple questions:
What difference between being healthy and not healthy?
(Medicine? No.)
What difference between success and failures?
What difference between luck and not luck?
The answer is FAITH. Faith in the better life, better path for yourself.
No FAITH – no plans, no dreams, no goals, no actions.
And these people are hiding behind “if I could…”

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