Steps of Self Growth. Step 2. Non-Stop Journey

People,who found themselves in “enchanted circle” with self-limited choices, with negative thoughts, s.a. “I am not lucky”, “This is my fate”,“ I can not do better”, “ If I could…” – please, just ask yourself the question:Do you enjoy your life style, do you enjoy yourself being always angry, negative, not happy?

As we look at nature, trees – they are alive when they grow, and die – when get dry, not growing anymore.

The same with people. Life is non-stop journey. When we stop we start to die. We alive till we are reaching new horizons, till we live in harmony.

Start listening yourself, your soul, your inner voice. Find a new thought and follow it. This way you will break the negative patterns, break the circle.

New thought – New actions – New life

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