Steps of Self Growth. Step 7. Setting the Goal

What are your talents? Do you know what you like to do? What is it you are passionate about? What are your strengths? – Write it down.

Look for things which will transform your life in the holiday. Take the personality tests if you don’t know yet who you are? For example, check “

Imagine yourself doing something you like to do. Visualize it. Say: “I love my job as__”

This will be your Goal.

If you like to do couple different things – you can write down in your diary 2 or more goals. Write it on the desktop of your computer, hang it on the wall. Make sure “The Goal” has easy access, and is in front of your eyes. Work with visualization and affirmation ( the words about enjoyment doing favorite things) regularly, – every day.

Now, try to extend your network, visit different activities, meet people. Notice your feelings and emotions after new meetings, events. Especially – what sparked your interest, brought your smile, laughter, happiness. Write your observation in the diary.

Gradually, you will have one particular Goal. Also, read an article “Knowing who you are” at

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