Steps of Self Growth. Step 8. Making friends with your Intuition

The Goal we’ve found for now exist only on the paper in your diary.

What next?

Let’s analyze what work have you done so far.

 Your were researching the biggest interest of yours, the hobby in life, paying attention how it feels, what emotions you had while in touch with favorite things ( event, activity).

You’ve learned how to communicate with your Intuition.

 For now on never underestimate your feelings, emotions, intuition. Intuition, your new friend, will become your inner guide to happy life. Your soul will be talking with you through your Intuition. Listen to it. Be tuned to it.

Pay attention to any details, words, phrases, connected with your goal. Also pay attention to your body sensations: any stomach tightness/pain means negative emotions, which means something to avoid. Each person able to find the personal sensations.

Write your observations to the diary.

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