Steps of Self Growth. Step 9. Energy

To focus on your goal you need enough time and energy.

Check if something you do ( work, activities) or have at home/office(furniture, old books, magazines, papers)  need you anymore, serve you toward your goal. 

Remove those things from your life.

They take your energy and time. Learn new techniques for increasing the energy level. Yoga breathing, exercises in Fitness Club, hiking outside. Healthy eating patterns are very important too. Drink a lot of water, eat organic food, and rest when you tired.

Remember to keep working on your positive state of mind, also work with visualization of your Goal, using affirmations words.

New: just think about the past when you were very happy, how it felt. Remember that emotion? Now add your happy energy emotion from your best past experience.

                                  Happy Life Formula =

Goal + Visualization + Affirmation + Happy Energy emotion

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