Steps of Self Growth. Step 10. Moving forward on your path: Plan

When the higher energy level have been reached, we need make sure that our goal is well organized, included in the schedule, the plan.

The plan for every day, the plan for future, the plan in the case of negative thinking comes back(!)

Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Cashflow Quadrant” wrote: “Build a system around your passion: BE-DO-HAVE.”

 “Dream Big, Think Long-term, underachieve on daily basis, and take baby steps.”

It’s right: baby steps. Plan for every day. While in the process of everyday routine, send intention ahead: what next, what will you gain when current step is completed.

Plan for future might include the vision in which your goal become BIG, and looks for now as magic. But still you want to have this plan for future in order to know what the components have to be presented for the BIG success in your life. Ex. : classes for new career; new network, including possible relocation; etc.

Also we need to get ready for “down time”. Yes, our ego might be scared to do first step, on unknown territory, out of comfortable zone. We got new challenges to deal with, we are frustrated.

Here the plan B comes handy! Please, prepare such a plan. What to do when ego pulling down”. Fill it with details about your goal. So, like the specialist suggests in dating business – to make the room in your life for your passion – create a list with “Things to do”.

Ex.: for business goal: office supplies, financing, clients, contacts. For art: develop your project, paint pictures, design styles, compose the songs, etc.

Keep following the steps to your dream, forward to your goal, 


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